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As experts in customer experience, sustainability and experiential, digital and event marketing, along with a passion for events that drives us to be the best we can be, we can help you grow your business through the use of engaging, inspiring and remarkable events which align with your Purpose, your ESG initiatives and your strategy.

Virtual Event Management

A virtual event is a great way to showcase your brand values, products, and services to customers. But you can't do it alone. You need to plan every aspect of the event, including technical setup for the team and content production. We take care of all the details so you have time to focus on delivering exciting content that stands out from the crowd.

We take care of all the details -- from strategy and planning to execution and post event follow-up -- and we will discuss your specific needs then give you a quote.

Even though we believe in delivering an exceptional experience for all stakeholders, we've found that people want to know what the technology can do.

But before we get to the list of the features of the platform we recommend for most events, if it doesn't fit your needs, we'll find an alternative.

Best use for multi-session events, conferences, virtual trade shows, meet-ups, and networking events

Up to 100K capacity for participants
10 speakers on stage (perfect for panel discussions)
Parallel sessions / multi-track events
Customizable virtual tables. Can have 2-8 chairs on the branded or labelled tables
Backstage (a private space for hosts and speakers)
Event landing page (for registrations)
Public and Private events
Group chat
Private chat
Live streaming - YouTube and Facebook
Live support
Raise hands - and join the speakers on the stage
Polls and Surveys
Q&A - Participants can ask questions and get upvotes from fellow-participants to increase its chances of getting answered by the speaker/delegate
Robust security and privacy
Session recordings
Ballroom networking
Lounge with tables
Speed networking
No time limitations for the duration of the event
Participants can exchange virtual contact cards
Play pre-recorded videos as part of a session
No app/software download is required.

Hybrid Event Management

From seminars, to tradeshows, to training, sales kick-offs, and conferences,  we can help you add live video or pre-produced videos to your in-person event.   We can also manage a virtual event concurrently with your live event and we help you manage both experiences at the same time.  Our expertise allows us to combine our passion for marketing with our extensive knowledge of video production and event production to give you the best of both worlds.

Check out the features of the virtual events platform (above).  

Then add the services of our virtual events team AND our live, in-person events team... and voila!  You have 2 teams to manage your two audiences expectations and experiences.

Technology management & integration

You've got to love technology when it works!   If there is one preventable element of an event that can ruin it, it is technology.  We know that, we've been through the pain of it in the early days with the events we created for our own brands and we insist on having a plan A, B, C... and maybe even a plan D!

Interactive experiences

You already know that getting your attendees moving, energized and engaged at a live, in-person event is critical to delivering a great experience that lives up to the brand and event promise -- especially after lunch!

It's even harder to get attendees engaged and inspired online.  Fortunately, with the expertise of our sister company, Marquee Incentives -- we know what works and what doesn't work when it comes to engagement and experience so your attendees get the connection they crave, the community experience they attend your event for, and the content you've promised (and even more!). 

Registration and Attendee Communications

This is self explanatory -- we handle your registration and communicate with your attendees and potential attendees from the moment they are interested in your event until after the event.

AV production & livestreaming services

Live streaming can be a powerful communications tool — particularly for virtual events or broadcasts. It can improve public relations, advertising, and branding efforts. Most importantly, it's a way to harness the power of social media — helping you minimize siloed marketing and get real-time feedback about the event. This is a great opportunity to make your business more relatable and dynamic by creating something special and memorable.

Our services include:

Pre-recorded, edited and produced video segments and television style graphics
Speaker coordination, lighting, sound checks, and technology training
Post-event video editing

Creative content design

Your creative approach should always be integrated, cohesive, and ongoing. Our creative team at Marquee Marketing designs your brand experience from beginning to end. We create bespoke materials with beautiful visuals, compelling copy, and appropriate design. We strive to make your brand standout amid other creative efforts with a memorable first impression and lasting connection.

Our creative content services include:

Strategic Planning
Experience Design
Logo Design
Concept Development & Testing
Content development
Print Design & Production
Digital & Web Design
Conference Theme Development
Video Production

Event Marketing

You know that your event includes many moving parts and elements, all of which can make or break your event's success.   However, if people do not know about your event or if it does not have appropriate messaging and branding for the value you provide and your audience, the success will not be as high as it could be.

Fortunately, along with our sister company, Marquee Marketing, we've got you covered for all aspects of event marketing.

CSR Strategy and Integration

The world has changed.  Talk about the understatement of the year!  And it's not only about the dramatic shifts required by the pandemic -- it's also about a huge shift that has been brewing for years.  

That shift is a shift to Purpose-driven businesses, values-driven businesses, an increase in ESG expectations from customers and investors and an increased expectation to become a better corporate citizen.  

And fortunately, once again, along with our sister brands, Marquee Incentives and Enlightened Capitalist, we will help you create events that not only honour your commitment to your Purpose, values, ESG and CSR initiative, but we'll ensure that we are supporting you in whatever way we can by being a partner in sustainability.