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We plan and produce engaging virtual and hybrid events including conferences,  summits, tradeshows, sales kick-off events, e-learning, networking, job fairs, interactive webinars and virtual networking.

Here's why people keep coming back:


Full-Service Event Planning

We take care of everything from planning to production for you. We can even help you source top influencers, experts, and industry leaders. With our deep contacts throughout the world, we have access to exclusive people and information that make every experience unique and meaningful.

Regardless of whether you charge for admission or not, we can handle registration. We offer turnkey business management, and will work closely with you to stay on top of your needs. As an added feature, we have a team of expert virtual coordinators who can assist you with project scope, planning, and execution.

Interactive Technology

As online, real-time interactions become the norm in marketing, brands are taking an age-old concept and updating it to reflect the digital age by creating interactive events. With so many brands making their presence more present in real time, they are transforming events into more interactive ways of engaging customers. From live events, where an audience member could engage with the speaker to speed networking and a social lounge for collaborative discussions, we can help your brand make your events more interactive.


From single-session, intimate virtual meetings, perhaps for a virtual executive retreat, or a virtual sales meeting, or even a Friday afternoon networking event -- to a multi-day, pre-recorded and livestream event with multiple breakout sessions, a main stage and back stage (for speakers to connect with the host before going on stage), virtual tradeshow booths, speed networking AND virtual table-hopping for up to 100,000 attendees, our technology -- and our team of specialists -- delivers.


Just One Platform - Many Events.

Our online platform allows you to plan, promote, and manage all of your company’s events from one central location. Whether you need to create a new event or schedule an existing event, we have the tools to help you do it efficiently. And because we deliver your events on our platform, we take care of all the setup and maintenance of the system for you.


The Next Wave in Business Events

Our unique virtual models are the next wave in business events. We have re-invented the business event by leveraging today’s powerful tools and technology to create new networking models that enable better business outcomes.


Engage and Connect Without Boundaries

With a virtual or hybrid event, you can connect with attendees anywhere in the world to drive real conversations and make lasting connections.

Connecting the world through virtual events.

A virtual event is much more than technology.  It's a strategic business tool, designed to produce results.   Marquee Events (together with our sister brands) have been creating and implementing engaging and strategic business plans, programs and campaigns since 1996.  

Allow us to help improve your results with creative, interactive and engaging events.

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