Engage your audience

Improve your results

We plan, create and produce engaging virtual conferences, meetings, interactive webinars, training sessions, summits, sales kick-offs, and tradeshows.

We also plan and execute personalized, exclusive and once-in-a-lifetime in person events, meetings, incentives and retreats.

And we combine both experiences for hybrid events.

ALL with a focus on engagement, sustainability, and a return on experience and investment

What we do

We create and produce engaging business events that produce your desired results

Engagement is the key to a successful event and a successful business. And engagement is in our DNA as part of the World Incentive Network (WIN) family, along with Marquee Marketing, and Marquee Incentives.

For over 20 years, we've been planning events based on an attendee-first perspective and we deliver memorable, remarkable experiences that produce your desired results.

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Strategic Design

Challenge yourself to expect a Return on Investment on 3 - 5 KPIs and we'll create an event and marketing plan that delivers.

Inspiring Delivery

Imagine yourself as an attendee who rated your event as 5* and we'll create a plan that meets this expectation.

Exceptional Results

Picture yourself creating a business case for your next event based on this event's exceptional results and we'll help you make it happen.

Engaging Virtual Events for Your Needs

Sales Kick Off

Your Sales Kick-Off Virtual Event is a great way to bring your entire sales team together, to share best practices, product updates, new sales strategies, hear customer success stories, and get everyone inspired to do what it takes to meet and exceed their sales targets. Add in some virtual team activities and entertainment and it is a fun way to get people together and make some new connections.

Virtual Conference

Virtual conferences are the next evolution of conferences, and we will create an amazing virtual experience that is uniquely yours. Whether you're a small business or a Fortune 500 company, our virtual conference solutions make it possible for you to reach your customers, partners and employees anywhere in the world.

Virtual Tradeshow

The Virtual Tradeshow is a great way to produce your socially distanced tradeshow. Your attendees can watch your keynote speakers on the main stage and even interact with them by raising their hands to ask a question. They can also participate in breakout sessions and networking events. And of course, a virtual tradeshow includes booths and opportunities for your exhibitors and sponsors to interact with attendees, collect leads, send them promotional materials or even sell from their booth…. All without the need to even leave the couch!

Virtual Job Fair

A Virtual Job Fair or Career Fair is a cost-effective way to attract high-quality job applicants for your company. It's great for finding new employees, but it's even better for increasing applications. A virtual career fair will provide your company with a chance to find new talent at scale with thousands of potential candidates selected for the event online.  And you can get to know the job seekers by hosting a group meeting for each opening and interacting with them to get a sense of their abilities.  Then you can pop into a private meeting with each person who makes your shortlist.   

VIRTUAL Roundtable

Virtual Roundtables allow people to virtually connect face-to-face with thought-leaders from other organizations. They are also a way to bring together colleagues  from different sections of a business, build bridges to other divisions, and explore new strategies.  Virtual Roundtables makes it easy to make new connections, learn, collaborate, brainstorm and expand your networks globally.

Interactive Webinars

The days of the 90-minute webinar where you whip people into a frenzy with overly long monologues and flashy PowerPoint slides are over!  Take the audience’s attention away from multitasking by hosting an interactive webinar that keeps their attention focused on the subject at hand–through real-time interaction with you and other attendees.  Interactive webinars engage, while demonstrating your expertise and most importantly, they inspire action. 


Transform online education and training events from one-way webcasts to multi-modal events that engage learners through immersive video, audio and content sharing, idea exchanges, Q&A and polling.


Discovering new prospects is not getting any easier. Virtual networking events are filling the gap, giving introverts and extroverts a chance to meet face-to-face – all without having to find a parking spot. Online or virtual events that meet the criteria of true social networking are the modern day equivalent of real world gatherings – where people can freely join and leave tables and have a “stage” to stand on.


AWS servers host our Events Platform.  AWS supports more security standards and compliance certifications than any other offering, including PCI-DSS, HIPAA/HITECH, FedRAMP, GDPR, FIPS 140-2, and NIST 800-171, helping customers satisfy compliance requirements for virtually every regulatory agency around the globe.


Our Events Platform has a 100,000 person capacity.

We support free and paid attendees for your events.

Supported Desktop/Laptop browsers: Chrome (>79+), Firefox (>76+), Internet Edge, Brave

Mobile Browsing is limited.


As you can imagine, pricing for a service such as event planning, production and management has many variables, including the length of the event, the services included and the number of attendees.
The larger, longer and more sophisticated the event, the higher your investment
Please reach out to Sales

Well planned, strategic, engaging, interactive and pleasantly surprising online events are great and they are filling a void in event marketing. 

However, nothing beats an in-person event, especially when it is a special occasion, inspirational event, exclusive event, or once-in-a-lifetime event.

The sights, the sounds, the tastes, the smells, and the overall experience of a great in-person event inspire, engage, and connect in a way that virtual events cannot.

And we cannot wait until travel restrictions are lifted and the pandemic is under control, so that we can help our clients planning exceptional events once again.

why we do it

We’ve been there

The WIN Brands all have the same purpose "To Reinvent Business and Transform Lives".

At Marquee Events, we come from the perspective of combining Engagement, Sustainability, and Performance.

We've also been designing and delivering group incentive travel and meetings since 1996, creating digital marketing campaigns, graphics and videos since 2009, and hosting virtual events since 2012.

We know what works for engagement, sales, profit, marketing, and operations as well as the design and delivery of the event itself, which means that you get more than a "party planner".  

You get a strategic partner who can help you create a business case, a budget showing a return on investment, a marketing plan, an event engagement plan AND a memorable, engaging event which lives up to the promises made to your attendees AND your CFO.



Virtual Events enable you to host an event without paying travel, hotel, meeting space and food and beverage costs which can be re-allocated to up-levelling the overall experience.

You can host a small group of VIPs for an intimate event all the way up to a 100,000 person international, multi-session conference with multiple keynotes and breakout sessions, pre-recorded and live special guest presentations and whatever else we can imagine together. 

Hybrid (Limited for now)

Hybrid Events are the best of both worlds. 

Host your event virtually with a combination of pre-recorded and edited sessions with unscripted, live-in-studio or live-on-stage sessions. 

 Host your event live and in-person and stream it virtually.

Or any combination of live, in-person, pre-recorded and virtual elements.

In-Person  (On hold for now)

Our expertise for in-person events lies at the intersection of excitement, awe, inspiration, creativity and the entire reason you choose to host an event... getting a return on your investment.

We create events for those who want to impress.

Whether it's the embodiment of your unique vision or something else entirely, we can create a fabulous event designed specifically for you.


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